Suddenly it happens –
“Sustainable” now appears as the “new black”

Suddenly it happens – and from 0 to 100 you could say. The interest for the climate change issue has suddenly, said from a 40-year perspective, come to the attention of a wider public. In just a few years, the opinion on active measures against climate change has grown significantly, and “sustainable” now appears as the “new black”.

Swedish Greta Thunberg has of course contributed to the increased interest. But in Sweden it was perhaps the hot summer 2018 that became the real trigger. Here we experienced for the first time something that could be linked to climate change. The negative consequences of heat and drought. It was burning in our forests and we had significant problems extinguishing the fires.

The new spirit of time is characterized by a new and more straightforward message – do something!

Of course we should have thought (and said) so the very same day we began to suspect that our lifestyle may be a threat to our own survival.

Some actually said it. But few listened. Now reality is getting closer and far more people today perceive the climate change as a threat to their own existence.

Well, good that we seem to have reached a consensus that we are facing a problem. By that the chance we start acting with vigor increase.

To date, much time has been spent on describing and explaining the climate change problem. And it still does. Maybe a little too much.

Do we need more pictures of polar bears and calving glaciers in the Arctic?

When we all know.

What we don’t know however, is whether we can handle the problem. Can we restore the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to the level that creates balance in the climate? And who solves the problem? For the problem must be handled before climate change becomes a self-playing piano. This means that we now work under time pressure.

If we are going to achieve the set goals of a fossil-free society, a gigantic social change will be required. And that change does not come by itself. It assumes that we on a big scale start doing things that will reduce our dependence on fossil energy. What speaks against us is our inherent reluctance to change outside our own comfort zone. What speaks for us is our creative persistence.

If you now belong to those who feel worry and doubt that this challenge is too big to handle, I say

– stop feeling depressed!

Right now, there is a flood of initiative, drive and creativity. And the new thing is that it’s not just trendy start-ups that comes with the salvation. Also Large Cap companies has inserted the sustainability gear. In Sweden, large companies like H&M, Vattenfall, SSAB, LKAB, Cementa and Scania present ambitious plans for how they will contribute to reduced carbon dioxide emissions. And in many cases through creative collaborations.

All this you will be able to follow on my newly launched platform The Do Companies. In a video pod, articles and posts on social media, I will gradually add and start market companies with climate-smart products and services that actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. The companies we may need to lean on as we now expect to go from words to action.

If you want to see something already, watch my latest video blog about wave energy. The company CorPower Ocean is about to break the code for how we can utilize the energy in the oceans. And it’s not about small potatoes. Fully developed, wave power has the potential to supply 20% of all energy in the world.

Hope for your inspiring comments and suggestions on companies you think fit in under the headline The Do Companies.

See ya’!

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