Fossil fuel politics is changing
Big Oil and automakers split on Trump lowering standards

Just read in one of Energy Post’s ( newsletter that US “Big Oil” companies oppose Trump’s intention to further deregulate methane emissions.

Here’s what they say,

“In the past, Big Oil and automakers would have opposed any limits to business-as-usual. But today, major oil companies, including BP and Royal Dutch Shell, are opposing U.S. President Trump’s intention to further deregulate methane emissions.

That’s because they’ve invested heavily in natural gas as a bridge fuel for a clean future, which would become nonsense if gas extraction’s methane emissions are allowed to continue unabated. Meanwhile, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen and BMW are ignoring Trump and sticking to stricter emissions standards similar to the Obama plan: regulatory flip-flops always mean investment wasted.

Given recent polls show that two-thirds of Americans are concerned about climate change and believe it will harm them, voter power is also pointing the way. Corporates that don’t understand this are in danger of making investments that post-Trump “clean energy” administrations will legislate away into nothing, leaving all the profits to the corporates that do understand.”

So, if you still believe that climate change is fake news, it means “stupid people” who believes the opposite, now is represented at the top of the oil industry.

What can one say!

See ya’!

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