– is the fashion industry the real game changer?

What if?

Most of what is reported around climate change so far, has been about sacrificing – about what we will not be allowed to do in the future. And it covers most areas of our society like food, travel, transport, living and consumption.

Recently participating in Shaping the future of fashion, arranged by The Swedish Fashion Council in Stockholm, I listened to (among others) Simonetta Carbonaro, in Consumer Psychology, Comfort Science and Strategic Design Management.

She said one thing that I think puts the light on the spirit of the time.

– When I ask young people, almost no one can picture anything positive that awaits them in the future.

In other words, people of today seems to lack a hope for a better future.


– one example of fashion innovation

But what if our future life actually is about a better living?

Simonetta Carbonaro talked about fashion as a model of transformation. I want to connect to this idea.

I ask myself – is the fashion industry the real game changer?

So, you laugh? You ask yourself if we live in the same solar system, you and I? If I may have heard words like Fast Fashion or Green Washing?


But here’s the thing. The fashion industry has for many years been aware of what impact the industry has on carbon dioxide emissions. From what they say, they account for about 10% of total global emissions. And on top of that, has a significant negative impact on water consumption as well as making it possible for chemicals to leak out into nature.

Yes, they are the bad guys.

But – and I quote Hans Rosling the Swedish Professor of International Health, a business can be bad and good at the same time. What you need to look at is the trend.

The fashion industry is in transformation. New materials, new business models, a strive for circularity and an ambition to make fashion an industry not affecting climate negatively.

If they succeed, and they say they will, this means that the future will be a happy future for all who loves fashion.

How many young people think about that?

Listen to my latest video blog with Kim Hellström, Strategy Lead at HM Group, talking about how HM Group work to make clothes a part of our personal expression also in the future and without a negative impact of the climate.

See ya’!

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